Climate Path is built on JLINC

JLINC provides a new layer on the Internet where data is exchanged under cryptographically signed automated contracts, with an audit trail recorded on any database, log, ledger or blockchain.

JLINC itself is neither a blockchain, nor an ICO, but provides a new kind of human-readable, developer-friendly, 'self-validating' smart contract, written in Javascript, that can work with, or without, any blockchain.

Gives you control over your attention, without ads or manipulative click-bait

• Each person can choose to connect with any organization

• Each organization gets current data from all of their users

• Each user gets convenient control over all of their data.

Protects you from adtech profiling, tracking and surveillance

Bot-free network

You use your mobile number to prove you are a unique person when you create your account.

Troll-free platform

You can use your real name or a handle for your account. But you only get one account.

Climate Path operates the JLINC Personal Data Service on servers in Frankfurt Germany, which has the strongest legal data protections under GDPR. Decentralized Internet infrastructure provides the only scalable solution for new personal data rights laws in the EU and CCPA in California. JLINC offers an opt-in path to the new gold standard solution that exceeds all personal data privacy rules in any jurisdiction.

JLINC Technology

JLINC is a new ‘permissioned data’ layer on the Internet – a simple elegant way to create digitally signed agreements that govern the automated exchange of data between databases at separate domains. 

This provides ‘data-provenance’, a signed chain of custody for data where audit proof can be written to any database, ledger or blockchain.

JLINC provides human and machine readable 'self-validating' smart contracts, which have different applications than existing 'self-executing' smart contracts.