Carbon Supply Chain Accounting

Climate Path verifies performance and ranks marketplace status

Companies that sign a climate pledge will be able to participate in automated carbon supply chain data exchange. This will make it possible to provide quantitative reporting to business customers, investors and consumers.

JLINC data exchange allows companies to share carbon data under digitally signed automated contractual agreements, which protect confidential info, trade secrets and internal detail, while providing verified aggregate carbon data to companies downstream from them in a supply chain.

Enterprises will pay the largest portion of the cost for supply chain accounting on an extensible system that supports 3rd party auditors. This allows companies to deliver audited carbon content reporting to their customers and investors.

Investors see improved financial performance from companies that rapidly decarbonize, as efficiency replaces on-going expenses for fossil inputs, and increases consumer loyalty. Investors can obtain carbon performance audits for participating businesses.

Investment fund managers will ultimately be able to offer retail investors meaningful screened portfolio products composed of public companies that have first made the commitment and then demonstrated performance on carbon.

100% clean energy by 2030