Movement offers the decentralized network technology for non-profit organizations

We are building a climate community platform for people, organizations and companies who care.

Climate is the universal common goal and everybody who makes a commitment can opt in.

Climate Path turns consumer choice into a new climate-activist voice with corporations

Organizations invite people to sign up to participate in a combined movement, with a call to action to invite, encourage, and ultimately demand, that corporations commit to rapidly end their emissions.

• Each organization invites their members to connect on their own page on the platform where individuals can view content, share preferences and subscribe to their feed.

• Each user controls their login with their mobile. So, every user on the system represents one verified unique person, giving polling and petitions greater political power.

• People can use the network to connect across organizations, coordinate political action, and communicate without profiling, tracking, manipulation or distraction driven by ads.

• Each person can connect with their own network of organizations and groups, values-aligned businesses, impact companies, and ultimately corporations that sign a climate pledge.

An aspirational goal can be incredibly powerful – we went to the moon in less than 10 years. Once we commit to a goal, we create the social and market forces to achieve it together. The science now tells us that to stay below 1.5°C of total temperature rise, the rich countries need to end our fossil carbon emissions by 2030.

100% clean energy by 2030