Climate Path is a vendor screening & management platform

Municipal, regional and state governments are leading commitments to end emissions.

Climate Path is climate community platform where people, organizations, companies and governments come together around pledges to decarbonize.

• Municipal, state and national governments find vendors that meet or exceed their own goals

• Governments can also use the platform to connect directly with their own citizens

• Carbon supply chain accounting will help assess and validate performance within the jurisdiction

• Polling and survey functions support direct citizen input and feedback

• Governments can digitally sign standardized carbon reduction contracts with vendors

• Carbon supply chain accounting will help automatically validate vendor contracts

Municipal, regional and state governments have taken the lead making commitments to specific dates to end emissions

Many of the governments that set early goals have met or exceeded them much faster than expected.

An aspirational goal can be incredibly powerful – we went to the moon in less than 10 years. Once we commit to a goal, we create the social and market forces to achieve it together. The science now tells us that to stay below 1.5°C of total temperature rise, the rich countries need to end our fossil carbon emissions by 2030.

100% clean energy by 2030