Climate Path is a marketing platform for sustainable products

Each company that signs a climate pledge can join the marketplace on Climate Path.  

• People can connect directly with any company listed

• Each business has a page with a feed featuring its products & services

• Customers connect with companies through the marketplace

• Consumers can describe what they want on their own marketplace page

• Matching products & services appear in that customer’s home page feed

• Companies receive direct inquiries on any communication channel the customer specifies

• Each company can invite their customers to connect with them on Climate Path

Businesses will pay to be listed in the marketplace starting in 2020.

Any company that commits to an aggressive goal, participates in verified carbon accounting, and makes their best effort to reduce their emissions as fast as possible, will be a hero.

Whether a pledge is achieved will be judged only in the court of public opinion.

An aspirational goal can be incredibly powerful – we went to the moon in less than 10 years. Once we commit to a goal, we create the social and market forces to achieve it together. The science now tells us that to stay below 1.5°C of total temperature rise, the rich countries need to end our fossil carbon emissions by 2030.

100% clean energy by 2030