Climate Path

Solutions Network

Climate Path
helps society
decarbonize faster

Climate Path’s mission is to provide free network of networks technology for the climate movement – a global registry of climate pledges and a showcase of solutions.

In the future, the technology will also provide interoperable carbon supply chain accounting and reporting.

Stakeholders pledge
to reduce emissions together


Key Elements


Activists & non-profits collaborate in global community actions to compel stronger pledges.


People connect with companies that pledge to end their emissions in a user-directed marketplace.

Data Service

People control their data sharing & permissions under European GDPR / ePrivacy standards.

Supply Chain

CO2 accounting connects marketing to measurement – based on verified performance.

Climate Pledge

Governments are rapidly making commitments to decarbonize by 2035 to 2050

To stay below 1.5°C we need to end fossil emissions by 2030.

Governments that have made a climate commitment can record it on Climate Path and find vendors that promise to achieve an equal or stronger goal. By registering pledges in a standard matrix, users can sort companies to find products and services based on climate commitments, creating market incentives for stronger pledges.

Climate Path creates a game mechanic that allows consumers, governments, NGOs, businesses and investors to see all climate pledges in one place. This gives all parties a powerful tool to select companies that help them achieve their own climate goals and to push for stronger commitments together.

Climate Path starts with commitments, but rankings will ultimately be based on automated carbon supply chain accounting to validate performance. Consumers, NGOs, governments and investors will be able to verify corporate performance, and bring pressure to bear if any party doesn’t meet its commitments or report its progress.

You can participate
in 3 ways:


Sign up to support businesses that pledge

On a network where you control your relationships


Sign a climate pledge
as an individual

Step forward in personal climate leadership


Sign a climate pledge
as an organization

Each entity lists their legal name and address

Each climate pledge
is digitally signed on Climate Path

Climate Path brings the Green New Deal goal to commerce

Local, regional, and now national governments, are committing to pledge dates from 2035 to 2050. The Green New Deal goal is 2030.

Companies that sign a climate pledge are listed on the marketplace where they can receive customer inquiries.

People can assert consumer power by connecting with companies to ask for stronger pledge commitments and the products & services they want.

Non-profit organizations (NGOs) invite their members to sign up to help push corporations to commit to 2030.

Each party can choose their own climate pledge, which they digitally sign & record on a clean blockchain.

Climate Path is built on new Internet technology that returns the Web to the original vision of an interconnected network for the free-flow of ideas. Each user controls if, how, and when their personal data is shared. It provides a new Internet experience, free from adware, profiling, tracking, bots, and trolls on a network that surpasses even strict European data privacy standards, where commerce is something you conduct without yourself becoming the product.

Built on the web app on mobile & computer

Powered by JLINC technology

Brands shown as examples on a future app